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July 2009



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Jul. 31st, 2009



i'm so pissed i'm going to miss next season's animu. >A< although there are alot of crappy stuff coming, there a lot of stuff i also want to see. even more than this season's. ;_; i mean seriously, they're doing WINTER SONATA asfkhoigfsdpoighdsjfpoid!!!!!! i didn't see the drama as much as i'd like to because i was neck-deep in studying when that show was airing and other than the fact that the drama itself is ofmg-long-ass-is-long, the local network airing it loved chopping it up and cutting away some scenes to fill up with ads. so this is an awesome surprise. considering the fact that it's in my favorite format: anime, i'm sure it'll be significantly shorter than it's drama counterpart. yes, i'm aware that this is ultimate motherload of cheesiness, but i still want to see it. really suck for me. ;A;

besides that i also want to see FAIRY TAIL!!!! AOIFHAOWVEMIFPOWIJDWOIEMCOWAIEMJPD~~~~ Kimi Ni Todoke, Trapeze and Armed Librarians looks promising~ i also want to see the Darker than Black 2!!!! even if i've never seen the first series. makes me cry~~~

There also seems to be a remake of Leo, otherwise known as Kimba. you know, the one where Disney ripped the Lion King from. that seriously ruined my childhood since the Lion King was my favorite disney film next to Pocahontas. In any case, i couldn't stomach watching the series way back from the 70s that aired some years ago because the animation was primitive and the dubs were really weird. So, this remake i definitely want to watch.... but alas, still can't. *sobs uncontrollably*

in any case, my plan is to get a job and be able to have internet again. *totally fired up*

i also find it frustrating how incredibly difficult it is to find downloads of manga by Sakura Ashika, considering the fact that finding manga sites that hosts it for online reading was a piece of cake, but i freaking want to keep in it my lousy hard drive!!!! rararararara~ *A*

anyhoo, i'm done i'm almost done hoarding xxxholic. next up is Lovely Complex, Nana and Paradise Kiss. but i also want to read Fairy Tail, Kekkaishi, Claymore and Gintama. and honestly One Piece too, but it's 550+ chapters... kinda hard. TAT

Jul. 30th, 2009



i've read 4 chapter of Hot Gimmick because a lot of girls seem to like it... and i didn't like it one bit. the lead heroine Hatsumi is freaking dumb!! i know what it means to get bullied and do favors against will, because i'm ridiculously bully-friendly. but she's an absolute dip shit! i'll never be caught in such stupid situations ever. but maybe because i've gotten incredibly bitchy these past few years... anyway, i don't get why girls like reading this. absolute male chauvinism. seriously, don't read it.

i've also read this other more porny shoujo manga called Teacher's Pet, ironic title because the student got the teacher eating at the palm of his hands. he raped his dimwit english teacher several times and didn't get a nanosecond of jail time. seriously, read it for the lulz, because it sucks. the story is shallow and stupid. art is nothing fancy, below average in my standards because there seems to be a growing number of fresher, more skilled, and more creative mangakas coming out.

now i remember why i read shounen instead of shoujo, because it's so dumb. better spend time reading something that'll increase my self-esteem instead of deplete it and eat away my neurons at the same time.

anyhow, i'm done hoarding Hunter X Hunter, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater and some pr0nz.   I'm still in the middle of hoarding Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and xxxholic is up next. so many manga so little time~ not to mention internet speed. *tears* i still have to go out to buy some cds to store them in. mendokusai... -_-;

Jul. 29th, 2009


4: doom

i've read the first volume of Bloody Monday. it was cute, but a bit... off. okay. not a bit, but waaay off. i don't know if the author intentionally dumbed it down for his/her elementary school readers or it really did lack some brain cells. i may not be the smartest of people, but i can tell. there were so many red flags while i was reading it. but maybe it's because of the "hacker" theme that makes it more complicated for the mangaka. yes, in theory the "hacker" theme is an absolutely amazing concept. but in practice, it's very complicated to come up with decent plot twists and underlying subplots and other bunch of tricks with this theme. you need to be at least well-versed with some basic theories of networking and programming and cyber trends and a whole bunch of other shit. so yeah. you need to be either a hacker or a very skilled science fiction writer, which the mangaka seem to be neither. even idol Tsugumi Ohba of Death Note and Bakuman fame, hardly touched this topic since it's very sensitive and it's easy to commit mistakes. it seemed to me that this mangaka just compiled a whole bunch of jargons and slapped them onto the poor little manga. he/she even violated truckloads of security rules. for instance, you never ever tell anyone about anything you do that involves hacking! not even your pet cat! even if you're doing whitehat shit. especially now that we have giant wifi towers that could cover entire cities. any kind of device that could possibly be connected to the internet and has any form of recording feature such as audio or video recorder could be used as a bugging device. so many flaws and the characters are too shallow. the bio-terrorism thing is also very superficial. the  mangaka obviously needs to watch more nat geo features on terrorism. needless to say, i hate the main character so much. the name "Fujimaru" also sounds so cheesy to me. and the fight scenes are so lame~ needs more practice on drawing dynamic fight sequences. his/her style also looks outdated and obviously needs more practice. although, i'm aware that his/her art takes above average amount of effort. so, i'll give him that.

i think i'm done bashing poor mangaka-sensei. but since i'm still at volume 1, i'll give it another shot to see if it gets better.

PS. i believe in zombie computers but i don't believe in using P2P networks as subtitute for using a Cray. but i did hear some kids using 10 PS3s instead of a Cray for calculations because it's cheaper to buy PS3s than renting a Cray. so, i might look it up.

PPS. i can't hack. crack. phish. or any other crap. i couldn't write a simple working piece of script of a program to save my life. and i've accepted my fate of being not competent enough in that field. so, no. i can't fix computers.

PPPS and oh! i will now be force to lead a life without internet connection, if i could still be able to function without it. i'm currently in the process of hoarding manga since my hd's capacity  is only 17gb. pathetic? i know. so yeah. i will never sleep everrrrr....

Jul. 28th, 2009



CORRECTION: on my previous post. i was kind of sleep deprived when i did that. i mistook TSUGUMI OHBA's name for MEGUMI. so, sorry for that.

WTF @ BAKEMONOGATARI suddenly turning into a lolicon anime?!?!?! i kid. but the OP did. it's cute and all, but i still prefer that stapler song. so awesome. i heard they were going to change the OP for every character arc. LOVE SHAFT SO MUCH! <3 i'm glad they didn't change the ED song, just the graphic sequence because it used to be just a CG of hitagi. i love hitagi <3 and she fights with a stapler!! so much better than my bread knife! *switches weapon to stapler* my master is going to kill me. T.T

anyhow, i'm currently addicted to anime theme song covers on youtube! anyhow, this one is my favorite. needless to say, Paper Moon is my favorite anime theme last year and it didn't hurt that this cover is absolutely amazing. his voice sounds so sexy, too. he really killed it. now listen to it.
other than that, i'm done catching up to Reborn!(love all the smoking hot bishies~) and Bakuman. I love Mashiro~! he's so sincere and faithful. my life would've been perfect like his if only i didn't mess up... yes, i'm aware that several days ago i said my favorite is Shujin. he still is, but Miyoshi pisses me off. yeah we both have big boobs, do martial arts and like smart guys, but she still pisses me off.  i love all their other mangaka friends/rivals! Hiramaru weirdly reminds me of zetsubou-sensei, maybe because of his satirical personality and his constant attempt to runaway from work.

i also saw 2 episodes of Aoi Hana. it's still relatively boring to me. i don't know how guys enjoy this. maybe it's because of my immature preferences. i still prefer action packed shonen. -_- and Wolf and Spice 2! no wonder that Lawrence guy's voice sounds so sexy despite his relatively fugly face is because his seiyuu is Fukuyama Jun! yes, it's Lelouch!!!! *BAAAWWWWW* i still find medieval economics boring. so, no FukuJun cake for me.

I also read some porny shoujo manga. not cute. they're all kinda boring and all the girls act dumb. -_-# not cute at all. it doesn't turn me on at all. so i went back to porny shonen started reading Aki-Sora which was wtf so crazy. so, yeah it turns me on just thinking about it. gross. i hope no one catches me reading these. lol. i still highly recommend it for fapping.

which reminds me! of Fap Master Kurosawa. i've read until chapter 3. it's so funny, but not porny at all. but still not recommended for kids. :P only the title sounds scary but totally SFW.  but still i'd beat him up if i found out he faps imagining me. creepy indeed, but he makes it so funny. go read it.

besides that i've read a volume of Ichigo 100%. it's funny to a certain extent. not sure whether i'll read the rest of it. since i've downloaded Soul Eater manga and some volumes of Bloody Monday, since my physics professor seems to like the drama and i find it tedious to watch j-dramas.

so, yeah. i'm gross. whatever. kthxbye.

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Jul. 24th, 2009



i'm done catching up to Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood~ yay~ i'm kind of itching to read the manga, but i don't want to spoil myself. so maybe if i had more time, i might hunt for the former anime which diverged from the manga because it caught up. so tempting but i won't do it yet.

i've began to watch season 1 of The Big Bang Theory, because i wasn't able to properly follow it on tv because of school. i love sheldon~ <3

other than that, i've also begun reading Bakuman. So much fun! It's obviously a loose adaptation of Takeshi Obata's and Megumi Ohba's personal career of becoming a mangaka. LOLOLOLOLZ And what is up with Megumi Ohba's obsession with super intelligent characters?!?! and shonen with no fight scenes?! WTF?! maybe she's trying to make it her 'thing'. it's also a fact that it's easier to write about familiar stuff. then also it might be that Takeshi Obata probably really suck at drawing dynamic fight sequences. then again, it's working. i'm hooked. although, her dialogues do get tediously boring at times. what am i saying? i'm also obsessed with highly intelligent people. i love and hate them so much, i ruined my life because of my obsession(but it's just one of the factors).

anyhow, the rival in the manga she's referring to is obviously a representation of either Katsura Hoshino, Amano Akira or both, which are two successful female shonen mangakas being published in Jump. Only instead of being 'female' rivals, she changed it to 'teen boys' since her protagonists are teen guys.

in any case, i don't really care as long as they keep updating every week and come up with better material each time. as a concluding thing to this disjointed entry prepare to get annoyed because i'm currently fawning over SHUJIN!!!! yes, you read that right. most bakuman readers probably really hate this guy, but i LOVE HIM SO MUCH I'M PREPARED TO BEAR ALL THE FICTIONAL BABIES HE CAN POSSIBLY PRODUCE. gross. i know. but i can't help it! he's a goofy and non-psychopath/god-complex inflicted version of Light! he reminds me of Joe Cheng and his contrasting roles in It Started With a Kiss and Love or Bread. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 aslkdjoefijwoeifjpoweijfoweifjoijfcvxcv

i want my own RL version of Shujin~~~ but he probably won't fawn all over me unlike all the creepy guys at college. -_-;;

Jul. 18th, 2009

fandom yay~

i think i'm taking my fandom blurbs here instead of my other journal because it's very... off.

anyhow, this season really surprises me. very few animu to choose from. *sad* then again, it makes my life sort of easier. so, yay~ here's my first impression review of the first episodes of some animu i've seen for summer 09:

BAKEMONOGATARI : totally bad-ass. i've always been a fan of SHAFT, but i didn't expect this show to be this awesome. number 1 priority on my list.

ZAN SAYONARA ZETSUBOU SENSEI : cute as always. but the japanese inside jokes and puns are starting to get on my nerves. so, no. i ain't following this. i'm not even done with SZS' previous season. XD

UMINEKO NO NAKU KORO NI : graphics aren't pretty. i find it boring. and i'm not in the mood for some horror and mystery. so, no.

SPICE AND WOLF II : very cute. horo is awesome, but i'm not interested in medieval economics. plus, i didn't see the first season. i'll consider this when i'm bored.

TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8.0 : not so boring but not funny either slice-of-life. but it got me interested enough. this is number 2 on my list. post apocalyptic tokyo. i hope it's not generic. i might drop this if it gets boring, but i doubt it.

CANAAN : i'm not a fan of shoujo-ai, but this show has awesome graphics and fight sequences. so, yeah. this is number 3.

AOI HANA : like i said, not a fan of shoujo-ai, but the its creators are the same people who did nodame cantabile and honey and clover. this might turn out well. so, i'll probably watch it when it does.

PRINCESS LOVER : yes, dumb-ass title is totally dumb-ass. its an ecchi anime version of an eroge. should not be on my list. but since i'm a total sucker for good graphics which it surprisingly has. plus, the main character isn't a wimp-ass nerd and can put up a fight. if it gets better, i'll consider it.

i'm not really sure whether i've missed out on something good... anyway, i'm not done yet with my list from last seaon. >.< i'm done with K-ON!, EDEN OF THE EAST and HATSUKOI LIMITED. dropped BASQUASH. done catching up with CROSS GAME. still thinking whether i should finish RISTORANTE PARADISO. and i'm going to catch-up to FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD tonight.

that's it. i'm going to list down some really good animu i haven't seen since 5 years ago on my next post. probably. tons of shows to watch. XD

i still need to catch-up to REBORN! manga. i'm getting a bit sick of it... but i want to read BAKUMAN~ since my friend does, and seemingly likes it.

Jul. 14th, 2009


greetings from across the planet

if you're the guy from the hikky den then please excuse my empty home for the reason that i do not live here. that's because my thoughts are housed here. and yes i've been a hikky since october 2008 and i'm stupid enough to take this long before i finally figured to just drag my ass and try to join your community. and yes, i don't know or much less talk to my neighbors, but they seem to know me. But after several months of crying myself to sleep, i started to ocassionally leave my room when i crave for some beef bowl, free rock concerts and anime or comic conventions.

i'm willing to share more about myself if only you'd let me.

Feb. 20th, 2009


have finally landed

after several billion years! yes i have a zillion other blogs that i hardly ever use since i lost interest in blogging. then, why the f did i create another journal? that is because of the sheer amount of free resources that livejournal communities and users offers. just the thoughts of it makes me go kilig(i don't know the english term) all over. plus, the journal entries has a private option. and unlike wordpress, it doesn't reveal itself to random user and simply hiding it behind a password.